The Battle of Baugé, St Symphorium Church, Vieil Baugé
John Stewart of Darnley, Orléans
James VII, King of Scots, Saint-Germain-en-Laye
1998/2008 - The Gentle Lochiel, Bergues
2008 - The Gentle Lochiel, Bergues - High Definition
The Battle of Verneuil, Verneuil-sur-Avre
The Royal House of Stuart, Dol-de-Bretagne
The Battle of Cravant, Cravant
Lord Nairne and the Jacobite community, Sancerre
Donald Currie Caskie - 'The Tartan Pimpernel' - rue de Forbin, Marseille
McCrae's and Edinburgh's Own cairn at Contalmaison, La Somme
Presentation of Arms by the Lord Lyon King of Arms, Edinburgh 14th of April 2005
Alliance France-Ecosse - the association dedicated to preserving our mutual past
Who are we ?

Founded in Orléans, France the 23.1.1996, Alliance France-Ecosse strives to preserve the spirit of our Auld Alliance (the Franco-Scottish treaty signed in Paris on the 23rd of October 1295) by promoting friendly, cultural and economical exchange between our two nations. Alliance France-Ecosse is a French registered Loi 1901, non profit making, totally independent, non religious, self financed association. Alliance France-Ecosse is not to be confused with any other association that may possibly bear a similar name or title.

 In Edinburgh on Thursday the 14th of April 2005, our association was officially presented it's Arms Patent by the Lord Lyon King of Arms. A picture of this ceremony in which Robin Blair, Lord Lyon King of Arms presents the scroll to Alliance France-Ecosse, can be obtained by clicking below.

What do we do ?

Promoting the Auld Alliance through tourism is amongst our priorities and to achieve this we have elaborated a circuit of over 38 different sites of Franco-Scottish interest, situated in the central part of France : "The Scots Road / La Route des Ecossais".

The photo to the left, is of Julian Hutchings, the founder and president of Alliance France-Ecosse.

Our association has been host to numerous Scottish delegations visiting France amongst which : The Edinburgh University Choir (1997), The White Cockade Society and Ardblair Highlanders (1998, 1999, 2000 and 2002), Clan Carmichael (1998 and 2000), Clan Cameron (2008), The 1745 Association (2000 and 2008) and the McCrae's Battalion Trust (from 2004 to 2019). Alliance France-Ecosse maintains a Scottish presence (and our Saltire hoisted high) at various events : the Fêtes Johanniques in Orléans, the Game Fair at Chambord.....and a Franco-Scottish presence at the annual Culloden Commemoration in April and on a lighter note, the Blairgowrie Highland Games, Perthshire where we sponsor the prize awarded to the kilted winner of the Hill Race (1st Sunday in September - a must).

And more ?

We promote tourism to Scotland, occasionally 'standing in' for Visit Scotland. We also maintain a steady lobby on members of the French government, with the intention of persuading them to adopt the 23rd of October each year (anniversary of our Auld Alliance in 1295), as the 'Franco-Scottish Friendship Day'. Not only can we thus evoke our mutual historical and cultural heritage but also promote a more contemporary Scotland. Join us in this quest. Send a letter to your local MSP. However, the key difference that Alliance France-Ecosse has with other associations, is the number of memorial plaques it has researched, financed and unveiled, over the past few years. The most recent memorial presented by Alliance France-Ecosse (The 1745 Association, Clan Cameron and friends of The Royal Stuart Society and 1st Marquis of Montrose Society), was dedicated to Donald Cameron of Lochiel - The Gentle Lochiel of the '45' in Bergues, northern France on Saturday the 25th of October 2008. These memorial plaques (10 to date) will all be visible signs to future generations, of what was and still is, our noble Franco-Scottish Auld Alliance.

Our gratitude goes, not only to the generosity of our own members, but also to our good friend Laurence Blair Oliphant of Ardblair and his 'private army' - the Ardblair Highlanders - to Clan Cameron, Clan Carmichael, Clan Donald, The House of Lumsden, Clan Fraser, The Stewart Society, The 1745 Association, The Royal Stuart Society and the 1st Marquis of Montrose Society not forgetting various towns in France, who all share the same passion as us - that of preserving our mutual History.

Our memorial plaques :

Please click on the links to the left of this page. The 'McCrae's and Edinburgh's Own' cairn at Contalmaison in the Somme, is the result of a collaboration between the AFE, the writer Jack Alexander and the McCrae's Battalion Trust - which is a Registered Scottish Charity SC 037303. The cairn was inaugurated on 7th of November 2004. Watch our 'News' page re. commemorations at Contalmaison.

A little History...

It was in 1942, during his famous speech in Edinburgh, that General de Gaulle spoke of the "Auld Alliance" in between France and Scotland, as being "the oldest alliance in the world". Some historians claim that the "Auld Alliance" went back as far as the Battle of Poitiers in 732, when Scots wielding battle axes fought alongside Charles Martel. However, the treaty was formalised on the 23rd of October 1295 between the French King Philippe le Bel and the King of Scots, John Balliol and renewed throughout the centuries, including the marriage between François II and Mary Stuart in 1558 and culminating with the Treaty of Fontainebleau, signed on the 24th of October 1745. On this point, many historians make the mistake in considering the Treaty of Edinburgh (5th of July 1560) as an end to our Auld Alliance. It is not the case, as the reigning monarch of Scotland at that time - Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots - didn't ratify the Treaty of Edinburgh. The Treaty of Edinburgh therefore didn't put an end to our Auld Alliance.

The 16th century Letters of Naturality granted Scots and French dual nationality, an event unique in History. The Alliance between our two nations had a predominantly but not exclusively, military caracter. This was never more apparent than in the years between 1419 and 1429 when over 30 000 Scottish soldiers assisted the besieged French Dauphin and Joan of Arc, in liberating the country from the English. Amongst other honours bestowed by Charles VII upon his valorous Scottish allies, was the creation of "La Garde Ecossaise", an elite troop protecting French kings in battle and still in existance well into the 19th century. The Alliance also had cultural and economical inclinations. A good many Scots students studied in French universities such as the Sorbonne, Poitiers, Orléans, and Montpellier. Scotland's St Andrew's University founded in 1411, was based upon these models. Up until the 16th century, Scotland was the principal client for France. Today, France is Scotland's principal client.

Things are changing rapidly in Scotland. In 1997, we voted and passed the Referendum on Devolution (reducing the impact of Westminster on our affairs). In 1999, we re convened and commenced 'work as usual' in our Scottish Parliament (ajourned since 1707 - result of the Act of Union). In May 2011 the Scottish National Party and Alex Salmond, elected First Minister, obtained an overall majority in our parliament (69 seats out of 129). Unfortunately the 18th of September 2014 referendum for independence was blocked by a 55% 'No' vote against a 45% 'Yes' vote. We are now awaiting too see whether the numerous Westminster promises, made shortly before the vote, enticing 'Yes' voters over to the 'No' camp, are to be respected and honoured. Today, our First Minister is Madame Nicola Sturgeon and here's grease to her elbow as we share her desire to render Scotland independent again and at the same time, become member of the European Community as a Scottish Nation. Alba Gù Brath.